Your Guide To Mobile Marketing

4 Mobile Marketing Tips For Restaurants

Just a few short years ago, restaurants relied heavily on the use of phone book menus to sell their edibles. These days, most people don’t have time to sit down to eat, much less to browse a menu online or find a restaurant in a phone book. Because of this, more and more food service businesses are using mobile to reach hungry customers. With the advancement of mobile technology, ordering from your favorite restaurant is easier than ever.Read More

Go Mobile or Go Home

Not having a mobile optimized experience for your customers today is simply not an option. Why? Because customers are on their mobile phones 24/7 and it is critical a business is able to connect with them there or risk losing business to their competition. These days, everyone uses their phone to access news, current events…Read More

Create Mobile Apps For Dentists | Webinar

**Make sure to enlarge the video and press the HD button for the best viewing experience.** Interested in learning about Bizness Apps’ mobile app reseller program? Mobile marketing to reach $400 billion by 2015! Bizness Apps allows anyone to easily create mobile apps for businesses in minutes! Is mobile part of your marketing strategy? We…Read More

Creating a Mobile App Company with Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps does more than simply offer easy to use, DIY apps at affordable prices (not to mention mobile-optimized websites)! We can actually put you in the driver’s seat, and allow YOU to form your own mobile app company! Here’s how and why becoming a reseller is a great idea. Mobile is the fastest growing…Read More