Your Guide To Mobile Marketing

5 Signs Your Small Business Needs Mobile Marketing

As of this year, there are now more Americans using mobile devices than those using laptops. It’s official – the mobile world is here. The majority of consumers choose to research products and services on their mobile devices before purchasing, regardless of whether they purchase later in a store or online. Being mobile ready can…Read More

5 Predictions For Mobile Apps In 2015

Mobile apps are definitely here to stay. Experts advise, however, that getting too comfortable with a mobile strategy and not adapting in the ever changing app market is a recipe for disaster. Below are a few predictions we have for 2015 at Bizness Apps: 1. Mobile Apps Will Become More Targeted. Mobile apps used to…Read More

Go Mobile or Go Home

Not having a mobile optimized experience for your customers today is simply not an option. Why? Because customers are on their mobile phones 24/7 and it is critical a business is able to connect with them there or risk losing business to their competition. These days, everyone uses their phone to access news, current events…Read More

Local Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses

Whether or not your business has already has a mobile app or mobile website, you’re already somewhat aware that you can use location-based marketing to encourage business to increase – but do you know all the mobile marketing strategies you can implement based on location? We’ve outlined a few of our most popular ones to…Read More