5 reasons every lawyer needs an iPhone app

1. Push Notifications

  • These notifications are similar to sending out text messages. You could use this to reach out to all of your current and potential clients at the same time with legal advice or special offers that you have. Lawyer iPhone apps could help keep their clients informed and help bring in new clients.

2.  Areas of Practice at your Fingertips

  • Within two touches in your application, your clients are able to see your areas of practice and how they can be assisted in particular areas. People are search the iTunes App Store for lawyer iPhone apps, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to display your areas of expertise!

3.  Differentiation

  • Use your iPhone application as a mobile marketing tool to stay one step ahead of your competitors. You have clients that are passionate about their iPhones and the applications available to them. If they are willing and able to download your app, the opportunity needs to be available to them.

4.  Pull in Clients

  • This is a good way to offer your clients something beneficial. For example, free legal consultations by filling out lead generation forms right on the app.

5. Cost Effective Marketing Tool

  • People are constantly searching the app store for businesses and by having a presence in the app store you can expect a high-return in leads. For less than $1.50 a day, you can be in the pockets of your clients and if they need anything, they know calling your office is just a touch away. Bizness Apps is here to help with lawyer iPhone apps.