5 Ways PWAs Can Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Here at Bizness Apps we’ve been stoked about Progressive Web Apps leading the future of mobile. Our team has been experimenting with PWAs over the past months to see what these babies can do. And they can do A LOT!

Progressive Web Apps are an even better mobile marketing tool for small businesses than native apps, as they can be shared and used in seconds. Shareability has recently become a core marketing strategy for businesses big and small. While shareability is often connected to content, the same principles stand for marketing your mobile app. When creating content, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to access and share. The more shareable, the bigger the impact for your business. Along those lines, making an app more shareable is a solid basis for your mobile marketing strategy.

How? Let’s start by comparing the shareability of native apps vs. progressive web apps. While a native app can be shared with a link or by name, a user needs to open the app store, find the right app, and wait for it to download, before being able to use it. With every step of the native app download process, 20% of users are lost. Consumers find it tedious to jump through all these hoops, drastically reducing a native app’s ability to be effectively shared by the business or its customers. Instead of going through 5+ steps, the PWA launches straight from a link – with no wait time! Think of all the new marketing possibilities…


1. Launch from a URL

The most straightforward way to launch a PWA is from a URL. A user can simply type or paste the URL into the browser search bar, ending up straight in the app. But you can get a lot more creative with it; read on.

Launch PWA from URL

2. Launch from QR code

Users can simply scan a QR code that brings them straight into the app’s home screen or a specific app feature. With the new iOS11, it’s even easier for iPhone users to scan QR codes. All they need to do is open their camera, point at the QR code and voilà! (Note: Android users have been able to do this for a while now.)

How to use this for your business:

  • Attach the QR code to the receipt, so that customers can launch the app and collect their loyalty points after purchase.
  • Include the QR code in your direct mailers, so that customers can place an order directly after receiving the flyers.
  • Display the QR code on advertising posters, banners and flyers, so users can check out the app instantly.
  • Print the QR code onto your menu or catalogue, so consumers can jump straight into the ordering feature.  

Launch with QR

3. Launch from Google search

The Google search bar will be the new app store search bar with Progressive Web Apps. In other words, consumers can find your app simply by finding your business in the Google search results. In fact, 60% of searches are now from mobile devices. So you will not only be making it easier for users to find you on mobile, you will make it easier for them to become paying customers. Tip: Make sure that your Google My Business account is set up and completed, so both your business and app are discoverable and rankable.


4. Launch from text message

Launching the app from a text message can be valuable in two cases: business to customer and customer to customer. First, if you have curated a contact list that includes phone numbers, you can use text messages to send your new app directly to your customers. They will be able to launch it directly from the message and use it within seconds. Second, your customers can easily share the app with their friends and family, allowing them to market the app for you.


5. Launch from third-party profile

You can include the PWA link in any third-party profile that can help to improve the user’s overall experience. For example, you can link out to your app in your Yelp profile under “Menu” or “Website” or you can even include it in the “Order Now” context. This is possible for any third-party online profile, including Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor, Instagram.

Launch from third-party profile new (1)

These are only a few examples of how you can share and spread your business’ app with potential customers. You can get creative with this and test different scenarios to find out which ones are most effective in capturing your customers. Progressive Web Apps are extremely linkable and shareable, allowing businesses to make the most out of their mobile solution as a marketing tool.

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Comments (4)

  • Audrey @MobiCommerce Oct 17, 2017 at 23:10 PM

    Hey Kimberly, nice to read these mobile marketing strategies in a simple manner. I think your last point “Launch from third-party profile” will make a great impact on the business.

    • Kimberly de Silva Oct 18, 2017 at 13:10 PM

      Hi Audrey, happy to hear you found it helpful! And I agree, that one will be a game-changer for small businesses!

  • Claudiu Ciobotaru Oct 22, 2017 at 23:10 PM

    Hi Kimberly, thanks for such overview. I am wondering when BiznessApps will offer complete PWA-functionality so that we can discuss with our clients. Cheers, Claudiu

    • Kevin Schrage Oct 31, 2017 at 08:10 AM

      Hey Claudiu,

      Our platform offers complete PWA-functionality for most features. There are a few features that are still being built out, but they will be coming very soon.

      This is a great opportunity to pitch PWAs to increase engagement, functionality, and overall revenue. There really isn’t a better mobile solution for small business owners.


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