App Reseller Tip: How to Sell Mobile Applications in Three Easy Steps

sell mobile apps

With the increasing growth of smart phones and other mobile devices, it goes without saying that today is the most ideal time to sell mobile apps to such a big target market. But how does one get started on this promising industry? Below are three easy steps on how to sell iPhone apps and or become an app reseller:

1. Mobile app creation – Making a useful and or entertaining application is the first step to make it really marketable. Like any other product, uniqueness and user-friendliness are great qualities you should focus on. There are three ways you can sell apps. First, write the code yourself if you possess technical skills. Second, get a mobile app developer and present your idea. Third, use a white label mobile app builder and become an app reseller. If you lack tech abilities and need an easily customizable application, then a white label mobile app resellers package is suitable for you.

2. Mobile app submission – Next important step is submission, wherein App Store (or other app markets) needs to approve it first before it goes “live.” And as you know, Apple’s App Store is the strictest when it comes to submission. But they are also one of the most popular platform users go to when they’re looking for new apps. Thus, you want to ensure you’re following their submission rules to avoid hassles and get approved immediately.

3. Mobile app promotion – Now that your app is officially out and available for download, it’s time to promote it. Because you have a ton of competitors, you have to be very creative and hardworking when promoting your white label mobile app. There are many methods that you can use to create a buzz around your application. But the easiest yet effective way of doing it is through online marketing. Social media marketing, blogging are just two great examples of online/Internet marketing techniques that you should consider.

Selling and or reselling apps is as easy as these three steps above. If you are looking to become an iPhone app reseller, check out our white label mobile apps reseller solution. Feel free to contact Bizness Apps and we’ll help you get started on white label mobile development.