Bizness Apps partners with iContact to take email campaigns mobile

Bizness Apps is proud to announce that we have partnered and integrated our service with iContact!

So what is iContact and why are they awesome?

iContact is a purpose-driven company based in Raleigh, NC, working to make email marketing and social marketing easy so that small and midsized companies and causes can grow and succeed. Founded in 2003, iContact has more than 300 employees and more than 700,000 users of its leading email marketing software. iContact also provides the event marketing platform Ettend. As a B Corporation, iContact utilizes the 4-1s Corporate Social Responsibility Model, donating 1% of payroll, 1% of employee time to community volunteering, 1% of equity, and 1% of product to its local and global community as part of its social mission. iContact works hard to maintain a fun, creative, energetic, challenging and community-oriented company culture.

So how does the email campaign look inside the mobile application with Bizness Apps?







Mobile Email Campaigns

Mobile Email Campaigns







Can I customize the text and image background?

Yes you are able to customize everything about the mailing list campaign inside your mobile app. From the text, to the title, to the image background – it is all up to you.

So how do you set up this integration inside your mobile app?

  1. At Bizness Apps, customize a mailing list tab to your liking
  2. Sign up at iContact to design your email newsletter
  3. At Bizness Apps, upload the names and email addresses gathered inside your mobile app into your iContact email list campaign
  4. Viola!

Where can I find more information about iContact?
Here is more about iContact Free Edition in the words of our co-founders:

Where can I find more information about setting this up inside my app?
Here is more information on how to set up your newsletter tab with Bizness Apps: