5 Ways Bizness Apps Supports Our White-Label Partners

bizness apps white label support

When it comes to customer experience, we want to go above and beyond to delight you. We are happy to announce the items we have implemented to give our partners a more personalized experience with Bizness Apps. Here are 5 ways we have improved the customer experience, beyond our app builder:

1. New Webinars for Resellers

We care about our reseller community and want to ensure each and every partner continues to grow and improve after they are onboarded. We would like to deepen our relationships with all partners in order to focus on what matters. As a company, we learn from our front lines, i.e. the resellers who go out and sell every day. We compile all this real-world knowledge in order to relay it back to the reseller community. Webinars are a great place for us to share this information, with topics ranging from sales best practices to Q&A sessions. Keep your eyes open for our new reseller webinars!

2. Hands-On Customer Success Calls

Do you need help refining your sales pitch or building out your super-credibility as a new company? Request a Customer Success Call and we will be available as your sounding board before you go out and sell to small businesses! If it is more of a hang up on the platform we are happy to help. Whether it be a marketing, sales or technical question, we are here for you. This is available anytime at no extra cost. Email or call us to schedule your Customer Success Call!

3. Coaching On Customer Experience

It is often thought that sales is the only aspect that needs to be focused on as a new mobile solutions company. However, improving your own client life cycle can ensure a recurring revenue and bring you referrals. Honing in on your customer service and your upsell value chain will benefit both you and your SMB client! If you need help in this area, schedule a roadmap call to discuss how you can keep your clients and maintain and grow MRR. Email or call us to schedule a 1-on-1 coaching session!

4. New BizHelp App

We have given you access to our database of answers! All the information is available at your fingertips 24/7 with our new BizHelp mobile app. BizHelp will be the first resort for all your questions and troubleshooting issues, so that you can access how-to videos or help desk articles whenever and wherever you are. All of our communications moving forward will be sent via the app, effective May 1st, 2018! Stay tuned for our blog post with more BizHelp information.

5. Frequent Email Communications

We will be sending out emails to bring you new information on a proactive basis. And as many of you know, the Bizness Apps Blog contains a wealth of information for you and your small business clients. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to get access to this content every week.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, a good customer experience is about creating a strong bond between us and our clients. It’s also about making a commitment to understanding how our solutions positively impact your success. We are dedicated to all of you as individuals and want to personalize your needs. We want to give you the attention you deserve!


And as always, you can:

Email us at support@biznessapps.com – 24/7

Call us at 1-800.549.8138 – 6AM to 6PM (PST) Monday thru Friday.

Help articles: http://support.biznessapps.com/

Video tutorials: https://vimeo.com/channels/bizappstutorials

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  • Janet Needham Apr 24, 2018 at 20:04 PM

    Awesome … excited to see the new BizHelp App. Great job Bizness Apps.

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