Clutch Names Bizness Apps the Leader of App Creators

Clutch Clutch, an industry rating and reviews firm, recently published a comprehensive look at the mobile landscape for small businesses. Their survey shed light on the latest small business mobile adoption trends, including their primary goals in releasing an app, the features that benefit SMBs most, and the industries most likely to benefit from an app. Results made one thing clear—small business as a whole is getting on board with the mobile movement.

Over a quarter of small businesses surveyed planned to build a mobile app in the near future, and 20% had already released an app in 2015 or before. That stacks up to nearly half the small business population saying yes to mobile’s impact on their success—a figure that will surely increase as time goes on and more SMBs see their competitors mobilizing.

As Clutch noted and we’ve long said, the simple act of adding your presence to someone’s mobile phone can mean the difference between a one-time and long-time customer. Apps enable customer engagement in a way websites can’t, encouraging repeat sales and upping customer happiness. “Mobile apps can help build a business’s relationship with its customers, providing a more accessible, personal, and customer-centered experience.”

Clutch recently highlighted Bizness Apps as the leader in their app creators category. Our #1 ranking is based on ease of use, feature set, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. The nearly 40 reviews we’ve received on Clutch are a testament to the outstanding support we offer. One standout customer review below:

Clutch Review

Clutch compared over 50 mobile development platforms in their review process, so we’re thrilled to grab a top spot among the companies featured. As more small business app research points to the need for more accessible development options, we continue to improve our simple, cost-effective solution.
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Washington D.C.-based Clutch combines the importance of real customer experiences with market and usability insight. You can take a look at all the Bizness Apps reviews on Clutch—and even submit your own!

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