The First Sneak Peek Of North Park

north park

It’s almost that time of year again, where the presents start to appear under the tree and you can’t resist picking them up and giving them a curious shake. We want to give you an early glimpse of one of your presents, so here it is in all its pre-release demo glory: North Park. If the PWA release yesterday was the turkey dinner, than this North Park teaser is the pumpkin pie dessert.

1. Onboarding

North Park starts right at the beginning, with personalized app onboarding. When customers first download or launch the app, they will be greeted with customizable and contextual screens for your application to describe its purpose. By educating your users about the benefits of agreeing to push notifications you can expect to see a much higher acceptance rate meaning your messages will go out to more customers. By asking users to create a profile and choose their preferred app settings, you will instantly improve their app experience and be able to put a face to all those anonymous users.

Onboarding north park

2. Customer Data

The North Park onboarding process gathers a lot of valuable information from your customers. All of this data will be displayed in the new Dashboard view in the CMS (check it out in the video below). Notice the customization tools that allow you to choose which modules you want to display, including Total Revenue and Top Customers.

customer data

Under Manage you will also find the Customers tab. This Customer view is truly the gift that keeps on giving. For privacy’s sake we blurred out these names and emails, but you can imagine the tremendous value this information will bring. You want to know more about your customers, and North Park takes care of that in great detail!

customer data

3. Customer Management

Now what to do with all this customer data? Imagine that small businesses have the ability to filter through their most active customers, see what makes them tick, and then take that information to encourage customers to come back for more.

As shown above, you can drill down to specific customers with our new North Park release. These are the tools that you can expect from each individual customer view:

  • Send individual push notes
  • Favorite customers
  • Add customers to the Groups feature (previously Users & Groups)
  • Export customer data

All of these tools will help a small business increase their profit, as well as improve the customer experience and business’ reputation.


We hope that you enjoyed this little sneak peek before the holidays! We can’t wait to release North Park, coming soon…

With you, our client, in mind.

The Product Team

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