How Your Agency Can Offer Mobile Apps [RECORDED WEBINAR]


Mobile marketing is maturing and so is the way consumers engage with SMBs through their smart phones.  Agencies take notice, the world is trending towards mobile and Bizness Apps is here to help you get started. In the webinar below, Bizness Apps CEO Andrew Gazdecki lays out the mobile marketing trends in 2015 and how your agency can take full advantage.

Facts to note:

– In September 2014, there were more than 174 million smartphones in the US alone, compared to just 45 million in 2009

– Time spend on a mobile device grew by 52% from 2013-2014, compared to only 1% growth for desktop users

– Coupon use for mobile marketing was at 32% in 2013, and is forecasted to be 44.5% by 2016 (via emarketer)

– 70% of  SMB owners would prefer to do business with an agency that included mobile apps in their platform (via BiznessApps)

– Building beautiful native apps has never been easier, and can be done using the Bizness Apps platform

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