How Mobile Apps Are Helping Restaurants Streamline Business (Infographic)

Some restaurant owners might view a mobile app as a project they simply don’t have time to take on. We think it’s the opposite way, however – a restaurant can’t afford not to have a mobile app. Why? The efficiency and profitability gains are just too good! Read on to find out how mobile apps can make a restaurant run more smoothly and generate additional revenue.

1,497 consumers with smart phones were surveyed and the study found that 81% searched for a restaurant on a mobile app, and 92% searched for a restaurant through a web browser. These restaurant searches out-performed all other searches of popular industries like entertainment, retail outlets and hotels. Think about it – most restaurant research is done last minute when you’re already out and about. This presents a very strong case for restaurants to use an business app builder or create a mobile website — as their customers are using mobile devices to find them more and more.

Below we have created an infographic to help restaurants understand just how important having a mobile marketing strategy is to their business.


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