The Era Of Mobile Dominance Has Begun

Mobile App Growth

According to a new study released by comScore shows U.S. Users are now spending most of their time consuming digital media (within mobile apps) rather than on the computer.

Users spend more time in apps than any other medium.

According to the data, mobile apps account for 52% of time spent using digital media. Combined with mobile web, usage is around 60% of time spent, with desktop computer media consumption only around 40%. Consumers are using their smart phones and tablets far more than they are logging in with their desktops and laptops.

Mobile app usage is growing faster than ever.

The report claims that most of the growth is due to apps, which now account for 7 of every 8 minutes of media consumed on mobile devices. On smart phones that number is greater., at 88% usage on smart phones (82% on tablets).

Mobile apps are preferred over mobile websites.

The study also gave information on how United States app users are using their mobile apps. One-third of those surveyed download at least one app per month. The average smart phone user downloads 3 apps per month. These numbers, however, are concentrated: the top 7% of smart phone owners account for nearly half of all the download activity in a given month. That’s staggering!

Smartphone users engage with Mobile Apps daily.

The study went on to further illustrate just how addictive smart phones and devices can be, and just how often users are picking up their phones. More than half of those surveyed use apps every single day (57%). Users said they engaged with apps at least 26 days a month.

Social media apps account for the most usage.

Leading the apps in popularity is, of course, Facebook. Which claims 42% of all time spent on apps via smart phone. Other top apps include YouTube, Google Play. Google Search, Pandora, Gmail, Instagram, and others. Social network tops the list of things people use their apps for, but close behind are other entertainment and communication apps. News apps, email apps, and shopping apps.

This study shows that mobile apps really are the preferred method of interaction for smartphone users of every kind. Over the years we anticipate this data to only grow upwards at an incredible speed.

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