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Why Now Is the Best Time to Start a Mobile App Resale Business

white label mobile appsMobile apps are one of the fastest-growing industries on Earth. From 2012 to 2013, estimates of total worldwide downloads nearly doubled. The number is now passing 100 billion downloads annually.

Businesses & Their Customers Can’t Get Enough Apps

This is, of course, great news for the app developers we all know and love – the ones making games, social apps, productivity tools, and more. But along with these core apps, businesses, organizations, and enterprises of all shapes and sizes are finding that apps are becoming more and more of a priority when it comes to connecting with their audience or target market. And as mobile activity continues to surge and surpass desktop/laptop activity, businesses are learning that mobile is the future.

This creates a huge opportunity for mobile app resellers.

The Opportunity: Small Business Gap

A mobile app reseller doesn’t offer apps to end-users. Instead, Bizness Apps resellers offer app development services to small businesses. As we said, businesses are waking up to the need to release their own mobile apps, but very few have the capability to develop them in-house, and even fewer can handle the large expense of hiring a development firm to build them a custom app.

As a result, only a small percentage of businesses have gone mobile.

In fact, as of the second quarter last year, fewer than 1% of businesses had published an app. Thus, the opportunities here mirror the opportunities of the app world at large. There is a rapidly growing need for app development services like those our white label resellers provide. Those entrepreneurs that are ready to fill this gap have a large space to expand into, in which a successful business can be built.

High Profit, Low Cost

Starting an app reseller business with Bizness Apps is easy and extremely inexpensive. There are minimal costs compared to the likes of franchising fees or other charges. Instead, our white label allows resellers to enjoy heavily discounted mobile app pricing developed with us. This enables entrepreneurs to become their own bosses without needing to find a large funding source or go into debt.

We also provide helpful free resources to help resellers from start to finish. These include a website builder (Bizness Web) and a CRM tool that makes finding small business leads and closing them tremendously efficient and simple (Bizness CRM).

In short, we set you up to succeed from the very beginning!

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