Android App Builder

Create native apps with our powerful and easy to use app maker

Build Android apps with our powerful and easy to use app maker

You can now create Android apps on your own without the need of a developer. Our app builder simplifies the application development process giving you complete control. With Bizness Apps you don’t need to know how to write code to build an Android application. We’ve highlighted some of  the features and functionality that make building Android applications quick and easy.


Easily build and publish Android Apps to the Google Play store for your Android users to download. Your apps will run on all devices powered by Android.


An easy to use drag and drop app builder makes it easy for anyone to build an Android app. You don’t need to be an Android developer or know how to code. Our drag and drop interface makes it extremely easy for anyone looking to develop an Android app to build and publish an application in a few simple steps.


We have industry templates that give you a head start on your app development. Choose from a list of templates that are ready to customize and build on.


You can build your Android Mobile apps with progressive technology allowing you to deliver your app through a user’s web browser – no need to download your app from an app store. The PWA apps you build using our platform give you a native experience without web-assets and delayed launch times.


Bizness Apps has a wide range of 3rd party technologies to integrate for email, food ordering, multimedia, reservations, e-commerce and payment gateways.


With Bizness apps you can create a single app to be used in multiple regions. Select up to 5 languages to support within a single Android app. Just add your language to the CMS and get your iOS app ready for that country.

How to build an Android App with Bizness Apps

Building an Android app with Bizness Apps is quick and easy. You don’t need to be an Android developer and you also don’t need to know how to write any code.

Step 1

Sign up with Bizness Apps and choose an industry template that fits your business

Step 2

Drag and drop elements you’d like in your app. Choose everything from your header style to list colors and navigation menus and preview your app at any time to make sure its exactly how you want it to be

 Step 3

Publish your app to the Google Play Store

Bizness Apps Android app builder benefits

Unlike conventional mobile app development, there is no need to download any desktop application in order to setup a development environment as everything is in the cloud. All you have to do is sign up with Bizness Apps to begin building your mobile application.

We’ve listed some of the benefits of using our Android app builder:

1 - Create a fully functional app ready for your users in just a few hours

2 - You don’t need to know how to code

3- A drag and drop interface that makes building apps quick and easy

4- Industry ready templates to select to build your app

5 - Thousands of Icons, fonts and menus to choose from

6 - Update your app content anytime with our CMS

7 - Advertise to your user base using push notifications

8 - Publish to the app store – Easily publish to the iOS app store

9 - App monitoring and analytics – keep track of ads and visitors

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