Bizness Apps vs GoodBarber

Bizness Apps is more than just an easy to use app builder. We have the best reseller program and provide all the resources you need to get started with around the clock support via phone and email.

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The Leading Mobile App Builder For Small Businesses

Having built more than 500,000 apps, Bizness Apps is a market leader is mobile app development. Unlike GoodBarber our support is far superior with an app builder that anyone can use.

We have put together a Bizness Apps vs GoodBarber comparison matrix to help highlight the features each platform brings to the table.

Bizness Apps
Analytics Yes Yes
Multi-App Support Yes Yes
API Yes Yes
Push Notifications Yes Yes
Media Support Yes No
Live Error Reporting Yes No
Live Updates Yes No
Multi-Language Support Yes Yes
App Preview Yes No
App Editing Yes Yes
Mobile Commerce Yes Yes
White-Labeling Yes Yes
Unlimited Apps (iOS, Android, PWA) Yes No
App Design Services Yes No
Web-Design Services Yes No
24/7 Phone Support Yes No
BiznessApps vs GoodBarber

Bizness Apps is the #1 app builder on the market

Bizness Apps has been around since 2010 and has made a name for itself as the most user friendly and easy to use app builder.  

Check out our video below and learn why 1700+ marketing and design agencies are using the Bizness Apps platform to build mobile apps for small business clients. With features like unlimited push notifications, loyalty programs, and coupons our apps directly generate revenue and increase customer engagement.


Keep track of all your in-app transactions. Have a record of all purchases made through your app. Whether its food or merchandise, you’ll always be on top of your in-app transactions.


Unlike GoodBarber Bizness Apps lets you make sales through your app. Bizness Apps allows you to create a custom marketplace or integrate an existing one such as Magneto or Shopify.


With Bizness Apps you get your own private app store. The private app store is perfect for businesses that have a need for confidentiality, like government agencies, corporations and universities.


The Bizness Apps management app allows you to manage various features directly from your mobile device such as analytics, social media, and push notifications.

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Get started building your app

Start developing your mobile app today with the most user friendly and easy to use mobile app builder on the market. Bizness Apps gives you all the resources and support you need to build an app that will help drive revenue and grow your business through better customer engagement.

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