Looking for a GoodBarber Alternative?

Don’t limit yourself with GoodBarber. Bizness Apps lets you build great looking apps and gives you all the features your business needs to increase traffic and drive sales.

Bizness Apps is the best GoodBarber alternative for your business

Our feature rich platform comes with beautifully designed templates for all types of industries and businesses. Use our drag-and-drop app builder to create apps for restaurants, real estate, bands, legal services, nonprofits and even religious organizations. Building apps is easy with the best GoodBarber alternative on the market.

Some of the powerful functionality you get straight out of the box with Bizness Apps is provided below


We know that a beautifully designed app is extremely important for your business. That’s why as the Best GoodBarber alternative, we give you a range of professionally designed industry templates to choose from and build upon.


The Private App Store is designed for organizations with secure and/or confidential information, like universities, government offices and corporations.


Our best-in-market app builder is hands down the easiest to use. Anyone can use our drag-and-drop app builder to build an app. There’s no need to understand app development or have any knowledge of coding.


The merchandise feature enables you to make sales through your app. With Bizness Apps create a custom marketplace or integrate an existing marketplace (i.e. Magneto or Shopify).


Bizness Apps has developed MyBizness, a management tool for your mobile app. manage analytics, social media, and push notifications directly from your mobile device.


Define groups, assign users to those groups, and control group access via login and password authentication. It’s useful for any situation where you need to restrict access to certain features of your app or limit the app usage to a specific group of users.

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A reseller program that makes selling easy

Bizness Apps also offers a comprehensive reseller program as well as many online resources for app creation and mobile marketing.

Here are some of the advantages of the Bizness Apps reseller program

1 – We offer around the clock support to our network of resellers

2 – A comprehensive collection of marketing material

3 – High quality mobile app with regular new feature releases

4 – We have published over 500,000 mobile apps

5 – An extremely easy to use app builder

6 – Very easy to use preview tools

7 – Affordable pricing

In addition, as a white label reseller you get more than just a great mobile app-building platform. When you build your apps on Bizness Apps you get a free, easy-to-use website builder that saves you even more time and money.

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Bizness Apps has been covered by some of the world’s leading news outlets such as  Entrepreneur MagazineInc.comMashableNew York TimesTechCrunchVentureBeatBusiness Insider,  the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

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Build your app with the best GoodBarber Alternative

Create an app for your business or your clients (if you’re a reseller) with the best GoodBarber alternative on the market. We provide you with all the marketing resources, training and functionality you need to build an app that will help drive revenue and grow your business.

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