10 Reasons to Choose Bizness Apps Over Other Mobile App Reseller Programs

Choosing the right mobile app reseller program is absolutely vital—it can mean the difference between success or failure in the industry. Bizness Apps offers a rock-solid, stable solution that paves the road for optimal returns. Here are 10 more reasons why our platform is the best choice for you.

  1. We’re trusted worldwide

When you a build an app with Bizness Apps, you’re investing in a platform that’s trusted globally. Thousands of app developers rely on us for all their needs. In other words, your app won’t be the subject of endless experiments by a few rookie programmers. It will be kept up and running 24/7 by the expertise of globally trusted, experienced professionals.

  1. We give you all you need for marketing

Apps require continuous and effective marketing to drive maximum profits. We provide everything you need to build a real mobile app company, with white labeled marketing materials for your clients that actually help you sell apps. This is a huge add-on that most app-building platforms don’t offer.

  1. We build apps meant to succeed

No cliché here. Mobile apps built on Bizness Apps are simple to use—they draw in users from the start, integrate with other programs, and offer a wider array of functionality than apps built elsewhere. Ease of use and profit potential are especially important when selling & building apps for small businesses, as return on investment is everything to them. If the apps you create provide nothing more than simple content, they won’t get you or your clients far.

  1. We offer tools to help you sell

Bizness CRM is a free tool that helps you locate and sell to businesses. It reduces your time spent building a huge contact list, essentially cutting your workload in half.

  1. We have another gift for you: a free website builder

As a white label reseller you get more than just a great mobile app-building platform. Building your apps on Bizness Apps means you get a free, easy-to-use website builder that saves you even more time and money. Check out Bizness Web here.

  1. We focus more on existing customers than chasing new ones

Our success is largely due to our superb, 24/7 customer service, plus a business model that focuses on customer retention over customer acquisition. We’re proud to say we placed first in customer satisfaction for all of North America in Nice Reply’s 2015 awards.

  1. We have been appreciated by the best

Leave the millions of satisfied developers and white label partners aside. Bizness Apps has received accolades from the world’s leading news outlets, including TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc.com, MashableNew York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. We’ve also been ranked one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine two years straight!

  1. We’re extremely cost-effective

White label mobile apps built on our platform are highly cost-effective. Competitive pricing for top-quality services is a top reason Bizness Apps has grown into one of the leading app-building platforms in the world.

  1. Our apps show return on investment

Our apps are born with features that handle their chores themselves, including marketing. This includes features that drive real return on investment for your small business clients, like mobile food ordering, loyalty programs, mobile reservations, geo-fenced push notifications, GPS coupons, and many more innovative features.

  1. We’re simply the best

There’s no bragging here. Go through Bizness Apps reviews, do some research, and talk our customers. You’ll hear the same thing every time: Bizness Apps is the best. We bring you incomparable value with the most profitable white label mobile app company around, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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