Perfecting the Push Notification: Tips on Doing It Right



In a recent post, we went over the power of the push notification. The stats are out: this modern marketing form has the capacity to grab consumers in a new way, rivaling email campaigns primarily because of visibility and directness.


Here are a few tips on mastering the art of the perfect push:


1. Watch the Clock Your users probably don’t need to hear about happy hour specials at 6 AM, unless they’re feeling extra thirsty. It’s crucial to time your push notifications right. Aiming for afternoons, evenings, and weekends are always your best bet. I’m more likely to click a push notification about $1 tacos on my lunch hour than when I’m waking up.


2. Location, Location, Location In that same vein, targeted messages make all the difference when it comes to user engagement. Whether your business stretches country-wide or has just one location, radiused & geofenced push notifications help you reach the users that are most likely to respond and avoid spamming the ones who aren’t.


3. Short & Sweet There’s nothing like a good old character count to bring out the artful brevity. Think of push notifications like headlines—they should give the story in a glance. With great click-through options like linked tabs and templated messages, you can drive users to an expanded message, but you should never assume they’ll make it that far. Count on your conciseness to drive it home.


Check out our geofencing capabilities and rich content options. Soon enough you’ll be pushing it better than Salt-n-Pepa.


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  • Steven Sep 17, 2014 at 13:09 PM

    Can Bizz look at subscription channel push notifications please we see extreme value in this feature

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