Bizness Apps Announces College Scholarship for Student Developers


College students: have an idea for awesome app feature? Build it, and you just might land yourself a scholarship.

Bizness Apps was built on student entrepreneurship. Born out of a college dorm room, the company grew from CSU Chico’s Student Entrepreneurship program to the industry leader it is today. That’s why we’re paying homage to hands-on education by offering a scholarship to college students who want to create something incredible for our customers.

Today we launched a partner marketplace, opening up our app-building platform to partners and individuals who want to share their features and services with thousands of our customers. This release adds a whole new layer of custom development to the platform, plus the opportunity for creative minds to make the most of the wide need for unique, industry-focused features.

About the scholarship

Students can register as verified vendors to submit and sell features through our marketplace. Not only will they keep 100% of the profits from sales, but the student whose submission rakes in the highest number of purchases by the end of 2016 will receive a $5,000 scholarship!

If you’re interested in learning more, pay the new marketplace a visit at! You can also check out our marketplace help desk for details on buying and selling or email us with any questions. Students, time to get building!

Our push for student entrepreneurship

Bizness Apps CEO Andrew Gazdecki believes passionately in the entrepreneurial spirit of students. Having founded Bizness Apps in his junior year, Gazdecki recognizes the college years as prime time to transform learning and development into real, profitable ventures.

Earlier this year, we granted students free access to our platform with the hope of encouraging that drive. The response was overwhelming. Thousands of students have begun building apps for local businesses, campus clubs, and their own pursuits, and many universities will be adding app development courses to their curriculum with Bizness Apps playing a central role.

This scholarship is our opportunity to give back to our roots, enabling students to reach for self-guided success and build critical, lifelong skills before they enter the job market.

Why you should care about Bizness Apps

Twenty years ago, if a small business wanted to launch a website it was an expensive, time-consuming process that required hiring a web developer to custom code your site. Today the emergence of code-free platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and countless others has enabled the masses to build on their own.

The mobile app industry has followed a similar trajectory. App-building platforms like Bizness Apps make mobile solutions accessible to companies that, just years ago, never could have afforded to develop an app. The Bizness Apps platform has now been used to publish more than 500,000 apps—nearly 5% of the iTunes App Store.

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