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This is Now NY app connects consumers with great deals at at local New York businesses

Alex Azakas is the man behind the This Is Now NY app, an app connecting consumers with paperless coupons, deals, and discounts at small businesses across New York. Alex, who also works in the banking industry, was born and raised in New York and saw the opportunity mobile applications presented in connecting New Yorkers with deals at some of their favorite neighborhood businesses.

“The idea of building something was incredibly exciting to me,” said Azakas. “It represented both the opportunity to make additional income, and the opportunity to help businesses in my community. It’s been very rewarding.”

With a blast of entrepreneurial spirit, Alex set out to build the mobile application he had envisioned. After evaluating 2 or 3 different app building platforms, a colleague referred Alex to Bizness Apps. “I ended up on your website, and I immediately just ‘got it’,” said Alex. “It was clear to me that Bizness Apps offered everything I needed to make my idea come to fruition.”

Using the drag-and-drop app builder, Alex constructed his app over the course of about a month. “It was easy to build – it made sense,” said Alex. “I definitely had some questions along the way and called support, but they were very knowledgeable and pointed me in the right direction when I had questions.”  

His app complete, Alex set out to drum up small businesses interested in offering deals to consumers through his app. Rather than taking a cut of the business booked through his app, Alex decided to offer his customers the ability to advertise their offer via his app for a flat annual advertising fee. Today there are about 120 small businesses advertising through the This Is Now NY app, with about 200 unique offers available to app users. “I had a call with one of my small business clients this week,” Alex said. “They had 5-6 customers cash in on an offer through the This Is Now NY app this weekend alone.”

The last hurdle was getting consumers to download and leverage the app. To do this Alex advertised at local events like street fairs, launched a website, leveraged social media, and relied on word-of-mouth. He also runs a contest each week where 5 app users will win a gift certificate to any of the small businesses they choose that are advertising on This Is Now NY. These efforts have resulted in thousands of app downloads, and a 4+ rating in the App Store.

Reflecting on the success of his app to date, Alex offers encouragement to other entrepreneurial minded folks with an idea for an app. “With Bizness Apps, the tools you need are there at your disposal,” Alex said. “But keep in mind that great things don’t happen overnight – you need to keep at it, you need to stay focused.”

While Alex remains focused on continuing to grow This Is Now NY for the foreseeable future, merging into new geographies with similar apps is the next idea on his horizon.

To view the This Is Now NY app, please visit and enter App Code “thisisnowNY.”

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  • Nolan Oct 08, 2016 at 13:10 PM

    Alex, how much do you charge the businesses to be on the app and what do they get? Im in the UK and have been doing something similar for a smaller area but thinking of doing it by County instead.

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