App Reseller Tip: Importance of SEO in White Label Mobile Applications

Importance of SEO in white label mobile apps
Search Engine Optimization is usually implemented to help websites improve their online ranking and exposure. But did you know that SEO is also applicable to mobile applications, regardless if they’re reseller mobile apps or not? In fact, mobile app SEO is very important, particularly now that every app stores is bursting with millions of mobile apps.

SEO for white label mobile applications work virtually the same way as SEO for websites.  This means, all the stuff you know about Search Engine Optimization can also be used when submitting your mobile app. Remember that the more people submitting apps to various app markets, the harder it is to rank well on mobile app searches. Boost your app ranking and exposure using the following white label mobile app SEO tips:

Optimize your app’s meta data like meta description, etc. on your chosen platform/s, instead of optimizing it for app search. Think about your target audience carefully. Do you want to tap the global market or maybe just the US market? Is it mainly for men or women mobile app users? Is there any age range preference? Although none of these elements really prevent other users from finding your app, they offer more efficient results.

Ensure you’re using appropriate key words and or phrases—terms that are relevant and applicable to your chosen target market. There are loads of free and helpful keyword research tools online that let you find words that people are actually using on their queries. Some can even be narrow down by country, language and others. A good example and widely used keyword suggestion tool is Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Before submitting your reseller mobile apps, you have to carefully choose the title/name, description and keywords/phrases to use. Also, study the application stores’ rules and restrictions on each of those fields, and of course, be sure to follow them.

Lastly, keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be applied not only to websites, but also to all social networking sites. As such, you should take advantage of these channels to effectively promote your white label business app. Also, while you’re bound by the rules of the app markets, many people would search mobile applications online using various search engines. You want to make sure your website and social media pages are optimized. And don’t forget to include the direct download link!