How to Lead by Example with Mobile Apps


Preach What You Teach.

The goal of an SMB’s mobile app is to generate interaction and engagement between their business and their clients. This value proposition is fairly clear cut, and well understood. What most people don’t know is that the Bizness Apps platform creates this same relationship between an agency and its SMB business clients. A three-tiered approach connects your agency, your SMB clients, and their app users in a symbiotic relationship, giving each party the desired growth driving engagement.

See the infographic below for a more visual explanation of this relationship;


Using a content management system (CMS) like the Bizness Apps platform will allow you to create this same value proposition for your SMB clients, which they are already creating with their app users. Instead of simply providing apps, you can grant your clients’ access to the CMS. This will allow your SMB clients to actively build, design, and manage their own app, thus engaging with your agency and building a stronger business relationship.

As an agency providing mobile apps, you are assuming the role of a mobile expert. Developing a system of engagement between your agency and your own clients will allow you to “preach what you teach” and show your clients a hands on way to engage their app users.

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