Teaser Emails: Increase Reader Conversion By 100%


One of the biggest problems that email teasers will face is that they will be marked as bulk mail or spam if they are not engaging. Therefore, it must be presented in a way in which the reader will understand and react to positively. You cannot just present a list of text and hope that the person will want to read the material. Email teasers must be brief (if is not an SEO email), use an image, have a single message, and have a subject line that catches the reader’s attention. In order to make the best email teaser, you will need to know the best strategies. Here are a few to get you started.

Make the Subject line your hook


When I look through my emails every day, I first do a quick scan of the senders. Those that are dull or repetitive sends are deleted. I do not even read them. The second thing I do is read the actual subject lines. Avoid giving non-descriptive subject lines. For example: want savings? This does not really tell the reader anything. Subject lines can either make or break your email. Yes, you want a bit of mystery to bring in the reader, you want to give enough information to the reader.  Some good examples would be:

  • Get your free 3d model daily during our June Jubilee
  • Healthy reasons why you should own a pet
  • 10 free recipes for a slimmer you

Notice that the lines give enough information to make the reader want to see the email, but there is enough mystery to keep the person interested. The reader must click on the email to get all the information. Avoid subject lines which are cliché. SAVE NOW, or CLICK HERE FOR, and please do not try to attempt to manipulate the reader with the RE: tag in your subject line.

Ensure that you images make a statement

It is essential to your email teaser that you have a large and engaging picture. Where most people fall short is in their image selection. True, there are a number of websites out there where you can get royalty free or stock imaging, but when these images are added to an email campaign the result is an email that looks “cookie cutter” or templated. It does not appear to be authentic or unique and so the impact is lost.

Custom images may be a bit of a cost to the small startup, but there are ways in which you can get around this. First, if you have a good camera (such as a Canon) you could take the pictures yourself. The other method is to use a stock image and manipulate it in Photoshop or another program like it. The whole point is to make your email look original.

If you are planning on using infographic information does not put these in your email. Instead put infographic in your subject line and then use your body text to point to the infographic on your site. You will have to keep the reader’s attention so ensure that you word things properly.

Keep the body simple

Remember that you are presenting a teaser and not an acceptance speech to the Oscars. Your email should get to the point and do it quickly. Ideally, you will want your email to be 100 words or less. Body copies should not reveal all of the content about the article or the page. The whole point of an email teaser is to get the person to your website or article and so you want them to click to read or learn more about your project. Summarize and simplify your message.

Call to action


Email teasers must have a call to action to be effective. Be descriptive in your call to action. The Click Here button is too outdated to be of any effect (and I would venture to say that the read more button is on its way out). For example: if you are writing on diabetes make your button say see if you are at risk or something similar to get the user to want to click on the button.

The Key to a successful email teaser

The key to having a successful email is to have it relevant and natural. Do not make it spam mail. If your business sends out an email every day do not say that you have something new for them. If you have a sale going then do not rehash what you have already sent. Emails must contain new and engaging content in order for them to be successful. Be creative, be truthful (though you can give mystery), and strategize.

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