27 Amazing Mobile Commerce Stats (White Label Infographic)

When it comes to mobile commerce, the growth numbers are absolutely staggering. For example, according to Goldman Sachs mobile commerce will be nearly half of e-commerce by 2018.


Below you’ll find Goldman Sachs’ findings: the year, projected m-commerce sales on smartphones (in billions), the percentage of mobile sales made on smartphones, m-commerce sales on tablets (in billions), and the percentage of mobile sales made on tablets.

  • 2014, $70, 34.3%, $134, 65.7%.
  • 2015, $95, 31.9%, $203, 68.1%.
  • 2016, $123, 29.6%, $292, 70.4%.
  • 2017, $147, 28.5%, $369, 71.5%.
  • 2018, $173, 27.6%, $453, 72.4%.

To help our white label mobile app resellers, we created a free white label infographic that outlines 27 amazing stats about mobile app commerce. This infographic is unbranded and can be used as a great follow-up tool to sell small business who may be interested boosting revenue through m-commerce.

white label app infographic

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