Our 5 Most-Read Blog Posts Of 2017

2017 is coming to a close (already?!). It’s the perfect time to round up our top blog posts of 2017, measured by the number of individuals who spent time reading them. In our quest to provide one of the top small business blogs, we keep track of our most popular blog posts, so we can write even more of the stuff you love to read. Compiling this year’s list uncovered that our readers want to stay up to date with mobile and get advice on all things marketing – specialized to small businesses of course.

Top Blog 1: Progressive Web Apps: The Next Mobile Experience?


This brings us to our most-read blog post of this year. By now, you’ve probably heard about the technology that combines app-like functionality with the freedom of the web: progressive web apps. Progressive Web Apps beat out native apps and mobile websites in most cases, especially when used for small business.

Top Blog 2: 9 Mobile Technology Trends for 2017


Mobile technology trends are definitely something our readers want to keep up to date with. Many of these trends grew in 2017. But the newest trend, that was not forecasted last year, is the rise of progressive web apps (see Top Blog 1). You will be seeing a lot more progressive web apps in 2018!

 Top Blog 3: 10 Offline Marketing Strategies That Still Work Today


With all things marketing online these days, it is easy to forget about the power of offline marketing. We pay tribute to the good old offline marketing strategies that still do the job today, including cold calls, snail mail and print media.

Top Blog 4:  15 Tips on How to Sell Mobile Apps to Small Businesses


When it comes to your sales strategy, there is always room for improvement. Especially if you work in tech, where the product evolves as fast as you do. The most important thing to remember is that you aren’t selling apps, you are selling a solution to a small business’ problem.

Top Blog 5: How Much Should Small Businesses Spend on Digital Marketing in 2017?


Budgeting can be difficult for small businesses, as there isn’t enough many to do everything big companies are doing. With the shift away from traditional advertising, the marketing dollars should be directed at social, search, email, and mobile. See what other small business are doing, so you can plan accordingly for next year.


What was your favorite blog post of 2017? Let us know in the comments, so we can write more of what you want.


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