How to Create White Label Apps for Clients

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As consumers’ preference for mobile technology continues to evolve, more and more businesses are looking to begin developing a mobile presence.

One simple and cost effective way for you to help your clients take the mobile plunge is to create a white label app using a reseller program like Bizness Apps.  The benefits of this type of approach are tenfold.  First, you can completely customize your clients’ mobile presence without any knowledge of app development—saving you both time and money.  Second, you have a ready built dashboard that your clients can use to manage the app on their own.

So, with a plug and play formula at your fingertips, and with the current data showing that the use of mobile technology is actually surpassing that of desktops and other forms of media, there’s really no good to reason to avoid creating white label mobile apps for your clients.

Before you begin working with your customers to develop a mobile presence, there are a few things you need to work through.

What type of app am I going to build for my client’s target audience?

Currently, apps can fall into four major categories and if your clients are looking to launch their business onto the mobile platform, you need to help them decide how to get there.  Some businesses have had success with creating games to market their products, while others have turned to innovative marketing approaches using GPS.

The most important step in the entire process is the creative idea.  What will make the app unique, and how will attract new clients while keeping loyal customers happy and excited about your client’s brand?

Of course this is not an easy step and it will require time and research.  You can’t just pull a creative idea out of thin air and try to make it fit into your client’s customer base.  You have to use the data that exists about the customers, and then think outside the box.  Developing marketing personas and using current market research will help you devise a starting point.  From there, you can gather a creative team to start developing ideas to make a unique white label app that will help create a mobile presence for your client.

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How can I customize my clients’ app to fit their brands?

Your clients will have ideas about what they want their app to do as well as how they want it to work.  Even though you are creating white label apps, you are not making cookie cutter applications.  You will need to adjust your approach for each app.  Clients will have ideas about how they want their user interface to match their brand.  Marketing experts will have style guides for how they want the app to appear.  The more you address this to start the process, the easier it will be for you as the job progresses.  Get all of the clients’ ideas up front, so there are no surprises later!

Compare, Contrast and Compete

You know your clients’ niches, and giving them the same thing as their competitors won’t get you any props, and it won’t validate the need for an app.  You need to find that one additional factor that sets the white label app you create apart from the rest.

This is where understanding the four categories of apps will help you flourish.  Look at companies like Heineken’s Star Player app.  It’s marketing its brand, but it’s a game.  The app is appealing enough that it encourages customers to download it, and it gives Heineken the same mobile marketing advantages as a simple app.

Take some time to explore the different creative promotional ideas of some apps that really rocked the mobile market.


Probably the most important step is teaching your client how to manage and update the app.  Since the app is white label, there is already a dashboard in place.  White label app programs like Bizness Apps offer you complete control and customization, so you can train your clients on how to manage their apps.  It’s a much simpler solution compared to developing a dashboard of your own—especially if you lack coding skills.  The tools are there for you to use, and you can customize them for your clients’ needs.  Best of all, you have control of the dashboard as well, so you can proactively stop any mistakes that clients may make while learning to manage their app.

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There’s no need to recreate the wheel—especially with white label solutions out there for you to use.  Small businesses need to get into the mobile market if they want to be competitive, and the way to compete is to develop a creative and unique mobile presence.  With a white label solution, you can spend more time working towards a resourceful and innovative ideas because development has been made simple.


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