Creating a Successful Mobile App for Your Business (Infographic)

In today’s mobile world, for any small business an app is absolutely essential. However, a bad mobile app is no better than having no app at all. And it’s hard to shake off the bad brand impression you will get for your app not developed in a way that engages users. Below are some key factors you need to employ when creating your business app to ensure it’s success. First Thought, Not Afterthought Never think of your app as an extra screen to simply place content in..

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Local Business Apps: How to Get an Edge on Your Competitors

Having a mobile application for your business, regardless of its size, can give you a leg up on your competitors. But it’s not enough to have an app. You need a good application that differentiates your business from those of your competitors and that adds to the customer experience in ways that similar companies do not. Mobile applications are no longer the providence of the large, mega-corporations, as small businesses require a online and mobile presence to remain competitive. A January 2016.

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Design vs Function: Which Matters More for Your App?

These days, app makers must contend not only with well funded giants in the mobile space, but with the endless amount of new competition entering the scene as app store growth accelerates. Once a better version of your app gains popularity, yours is likely getting the axe—especially when the daunting “Storage Almost Full” message appears. To avoid the chopping block but not waste precious resources, you have to prioritize. So, which matters more: design or function? Computer, tablet, and smartphone users tend to be both.

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The Debate Is Over – Businesses Need Both Apps and Mobile Websites

Until recently, you needed to employ a custom developer at considerable expense if you wanted to create an app for your SMB. The good news is that, for your average small business operating on a tight budget, there are now cheaper options if you want provide your customers with a dedicated app. You may still ask if it’s worth it. After all, you have a website and that works just fine. When you realize that over 80% of moms always have their.

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Enterprise Apps: The Present and Future of Business Technology

Mobile apps are causing a paradigm shift in traditional business. In the past, print and mail campaigns were essential to the growth of a business. In the modern era, technology and digital marketing are must-haves. As such, businesses up-to-date on market trends—specifically app integration—will see the greatest profit margins. But applications aren’t just for the consumer; businesses can use apps internally to optimize production and profitability. What is EAI? Enterprise Application Integration (otherwise known as EAI) is a way for businesses to optimize.

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